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UAB „Dzūkijos mediena” provides the following services:

  • Purchase of land with forest.
  • Purchase of forest for cutting.
  • Cutting (clearcut, step, thinning and sanitary).
  • Preparation of forest landscaping projects.
  • Forest protection and inspection.
  • Planting of logging sites.
  • Marking of trees for cutting and cutting areas.
  • Prepare documents for cutting.
  • Purchase of wood.
  • Give free advice on forest management issues.
  • Purchase of logging waste and tree branches for production of biofuel.


We use our own log trucks and tractor units for transportation of wood. For our customers’ convenience we collect the prepared wood from wood warehouses using our own transport. We transport from 12,000 to 15,000 cu m of round wood per month.

Production of biofuel

Having acquired wood chippers and special transport, in December 2012, we launched the production and supplies of biofuel from logging waste and tree branches. Our monthly capacity: 3,000-3,500 cu m (or 9,000 stacked cubic metres) of biofuel.


Our representative will contact you on the telephone or via e-mail.

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